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We offer a variety of financing options so every homeowner has the opportunity to save with solar. When you're ready to take control of your monthly electric bill, we'll be here to show you your potential savings from Day 1.



You'll purchase your SunPower solar system directly and own the energy it produces for the greatest return on your investment and long-term savings. You can use a home equity loan (which may be tax-deductible) and you keep any solar tax credits and incentives you're eligible for. Your system can pay for itself over time based on your utility bill savings.


With a loan, you'll own your solar system along with the energy it produces and pay for it with a loan. You can pay the loan off at any time without penalty and keep any eligible tax credits and incentives. For many, the loan payment and remaining power bill ends up being less than their previous electric bill.


SunPower will own the system on your roof, but you'll get all the benefits of solar savings. You pay a monthly amount to rent the system while using the energy it produces and system production is guaranteed for 20 years. If you sell your home, you can also assign the lease to the new homeowners and SunPower will facilitate that process.

What Our Customers Say


Alan E.


"We live in a very overcast area that has only about 170 days of clear sunlight per year, but despite that, our electrical bills have plummeted. I strongly recommend anyone to invest in a solar system, and especially from Terri Loftus, for she will guide you through the whole process effortlessly. "

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